The Ideal Piano Footrest


More productive lessons and practice, with better focus and less fatigue.
For piano players whose feet don’t rest firmly on the floor.

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More productive lessons and practice, with better focus and less fatigue.
For piano players whose feet don’t rest firmly on the floor.

Our Story
I love teaching young students. But it’s more difficult for kids to play the piano with their feet dangling in the air.

There’s no leverage, and their backs get tired quickly. Their hand position suffers, and they seem to swing their feet out of time to the music. I feel bad for them.

I wanted something for under their feet that was pretty, sturdy, and easy to adjust to the right height. Finally, in frustration, I asked my fiance Scott to make me something. He did, and I love it.

Now my students have better posture, with less fatigue. They’re more focused. Lessons are more productive and fun for the kids. And more fun for me too.[email protected]

Plus, it looks beautiful by my piano. It’s easy to adjust to the ideal height, and kids really like it. After a couple lessons, my students didn’t want to play without it!

When I showed my new footrest to 8 teachers in my piano teachers association, 5 asked to buy one on the spot. Then 3 of my parents asked for one for their kids at home –their kids were telling them about it. I can’t ask Scott to make all these himself.

So Scott found a great furniture company that will make footrests to our design. They really turn out beautiful furniture.

I didn’t want to rush ahead, though. I thought we should order a dozen samples, and give them away to piano teachers. I wanted to get honest feedback on the design and production. (I was stunned when 3418 piano teachers around the world entered the drawing!) The samples turned out perfect, and were a big hit with both teachers and students.

In case you’re curious, here I am announcing the 12 winners of the drawing. The lucky winners were so excited.

Now, I’m finally able to share these Ideal Piano Footrests with other teachers. And with parents for at home, where most practicing is done.

The white keyboard design is applied using a massive UV printer. It is then coated with a clear varnish for durability. Don’t worry about shoes. It will stay beautiful.

The footrest is lovely wooden furniture, and very strong. It is not intended for students to stand on, but kids won’t hurt it if they step on it. Here is a footrest with 155 pounds (70kg) of nickels on it.

Your footrest will be shipped to you flat. It will take about 3-4 minutes to assemble. It’s that simple.

Changing the height is just a matter of sliding the shelf out, and then sliding it back in a different slot. When it reaches the center, it “drops down” and locks in place. To change positions, just lift it up, and slide out.

The footrests include number stickers that you can add, if you want the slots numbered.

I have a simple chart by my piano, so I’m reminded at a glance what height the next student needs. Here is a recent version. About half my students need the footrest.

All my smaller students know their own “number.” They each adjust the footrest to their particular height at the beginning of their lesson. They think it’s fun.

The footrest isn’t just for studio and home use. At my Christmas at the Hospital concert, 21 of our 35 performers used it, and it helped with their comfort and form.

Thank you for stopping by. I’m certain you and your students will love your Ideal Piano Footrest for years to come.

Barb Gray,
Piano Playground
[email protected]

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 11 in

1 (Receive 1 Footrest), 2 (Receive 2 Footrests), 3 (Receive 3 Footrests), 5 (Receive 5 Footrests), 10 (Receive 10 Footrests), 1 Scratch & Dent (Receive 1 S&D Footrest), 5 Scratch & Dent (Receive 5 S&D Footrests), 1 Ideal Piano Footrest Shipped by Air


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